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Alvarez-Bolado, Gonzalo Sonic hedgehog in Hypothalamus Development, in: Developmental Neuroendocrinology 2020 Buchkapitel Details   doi
Azizi, H.; Koruji, M.; Skutella, T. Comparison of PLZF Gene Expression between Pluripotent Stem Cells and Testicular Germ Cells 2020 Cell Journal Details   doi
Azizi, H.; Ranjbar, M.; Rahaiee, S.; Govahi, M.; Skutella, T. Investigation of VASA Gene and Protein Expression in Neonate and Adult Testicular Germ Cells in Mice In Vivo and In Vitro 2020 Cell Journal Details   doi
Bas-Orth, C.; Koch, M.; Lau, D.; Buchthal, B.; Bading, H. A microRNA signature of toxic extrasynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor signaling 2020 Molecular Brain Details   doi
Gaiser, M.; Kirsch, J.; Mutzbauer, T.S. Non-expert online reports may enhance expert knowledge about causes of deaths in dental offices available from scientific publications: Qualitative and quantitative content analysis and search engine analysis 2020 Journal of Medical Internet Research Details   doi
Meyer, N.H.; Dellago, H.; Tam-Amersdorfer, C.; Merle, D.A.; Parlato, R.; Gesslbauer, B.; Almer, J.; Gschwandtner, M.; Leon, A.; Franzmann, T.M.; Grillari, J.; Kungl, A.J.; Zangger, K.; Falsone, S.F. Structural Fuzziness of the RNA-Organizing Protein SERF Determines a Toxic Gain-of-interaction 2020 Journal of Molecular Biology Details   doi
Aitta-Aho, T.; Maksimovic, M.; Dahl, K.; Sprengel, R.; Korpi, E.R. Attenuation of Novelty-Induced Hyperactivity of Gria1-/- Mice by Cannabidiol and Hippocampal Inhibitory Chemogenetics 2019 Frontiers in Pharmacology Details   doi
Alvarez-Bolado, G. Development of neuroendocrine neurons in the mammalian hypothalamus 2019 Cell and Tissue Research Details   doi
Azizi, H.; Asgari, B.; Skutella, T. Pluripotency Potential of Embryonic Stem Cell-Like Cells Derived from Mouse Testis 2019 Cell Journal Details   doi
Azizi, H.; Ghasemi Hamidabadi, H.; Skutella, T. Differential Proliferation Effects after Short-Term Cultivation of Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells on Different Feeder Layers 2019 Cell Journal Details   doi
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